Chris Sayer

Jon Burgerman - Magic Ink

Jon Burgerman - Magic Ink

Jon Burgerman approached Wyld Stallyons with the idea of animating his illustrations to promote his forthcoming book, Pens Are My Friends, to be pubished in 2008. Jon wrote a short poem and provided a smattering of characters and backgrounds. The Stallyons took the ball and ran with it, doing the animation, the sound and the music.

Chris Sayer

Jon Burgerman

Wyld Stallyons

Writer / Illustrator: Jon Burgerman
VO: Mark Walker
Lead Animator: Chris Sayer
Music / Sound fx: Jason Arber
3D Animation: Chris Sayer
Animators: Chris Sayer, Jason Arber, Richard May
Producer: Natalie Busuttil
Executive Producer: Jon Burgerman