Chris Sayer

Saving Joule

Saving Joule

This is the trailer version of 'Saving Joule', a 12 min short film I worked on at Peepshow. It's about a robot called 'Joule' who is on a quest to power his ship and rejoin his lost fleet. Shown exclusively at Mishkat Center for Atomic and Renewable Energy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from Spring 2015.

The Edge Picture Company | KCA | Mishkat


Illustration: Luke Best | Spencer Wilson | Chrissie Macdonald
Art Direction: Miles Donovan | Spencer Wilson | Luke Best
Animation Direction: Pete Mellor
3D Modelling & Animation: Chris Sayer
Animation & Compositing: Pete Mellor | Chris Sayer | Jason Arber
Music Editing & Sound Design: Simon Keep
Producer: Miles Donovan