Chris Sayer

Zebra Face

Zebra Face

Episode 1: Cloud Trouble
Zebra Face and his sidekick Durable Mouth Organ Diabetic deliver swift justice to an insolent cloud. 
Their friend Messy Dinosaur is on hand to help out.

Sun: Jarvis Cocker
Zebraface: Kid Acne
Durable Mouth Organ Diabetic: Farma G
Messy Dinosaur: Rosamund Hanson
Cloud: Juice Aleem

Concept: Supreme Vagabond Craftsman | Kid Acne
Script: Supreme Vagabond Craftsman | Damien Harris
Creative Direction: Paul Reardon
Storyboards: Paul Reardon | Chris Sayer | Kid Acne
Animation Direction: Chris Sayer | Jason Arber
Animation: Chris Sayer | Jason Arber
Animation Producer: Natalie Busuttil
Production: Caroline Cooper Charles | Jude Goldrei
Audio: Crooked Man | Dave Lewin | Mike Ward | T. Tietzsch-Tyler

Additional Information
Zebra Face first appeared as a comic book 10 years ago. Created by Kid Acne and Supreme Vagabond Craftsman. As in the original cult comic book, Zebra Face gets into scrapes with various friends whilst listening to as much hip hop as possible – only now the characters are in glorious technicolour and brought to life by the voices of an impressive cast of UK hip hop artists including Lady Chann, Juice Aleem, Infinite Livez, Taskforce, Farma G and Kid Acne himself.

The animated series is a creative collaboration between Chris Sayer, Jason Arber, Kid Acne, Paul Reardon and Universal Spirits. Special thanks to Phung Luu, Autumn Sayer and Ethan Sayer who didn't see there Daddy for months, and Natalie Busuttil for keeping us in line.

Zebraface recieved its UK network debut on 27 July 2012 on Channel 4, as part of its Random Acts strand.